The Revell® submarine kit was around since 1971, The kit scale is commonly mistaken for 1/220 scale by retailers, but the actual scale places it at 1/178.  The kit was released in 1971, in the name of USS Flasher.  Later on, the same mold appeared as Growler and Lionfish.  The only difference in the mold is in the nameplates.  The kit's original conning tower resembles more a Gato than the Lionfish's Balao tower.  Revell® would be closer if they kept it as Flasher.  The following photos show the kits' box arts from 1971 to present.  These kits can be easily found on ebay auctions and are still in circulation at some retailers.  Contact me if you need one. 

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Revell®'s mold
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USS Flasher 1971  Revell®  Venice CA 9029
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USS Growler 1972 Revell®  Venice CA 9021
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USS Lionfish 1988 Revell®  Des Plaines IL, 60016
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USS Lionfish 1997-Combo Revell-Monogram® Inc. Morton Grove, IL 60053
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USS Lionfish Submarine © 1998 Revell-Monogram®  Inc. Morton Grove, IL 60053
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