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Instructions are included with all purchases.

Built submarines shown below are for display purposes only, and are not for sale.

**All Prices in USD**

 Early Gato Degaussing cables Set
Early Gato Covered degaussing cable set for early Gatos. Note- There are different variants of these cables due to various yards. This version comes with the necessary parts for making cables on the following boats- Wahoo, Shad, and other early Government Mare Isl boats. *Set comes standard with the USS Wahoo sets

$16.00 each set

Echo Ranging & Detecting Equipment - Sound Heads /Rodmeter
Set A- comes with the basics for installing the heads and rod meter to a prebuilt model submarine. This set includes the head spheres rods and the rod meter with installation plugs (not shown) and an
installation stencil (Not Shown).

$15.00 each set 

Set B- Comes with all the parts shown including a bulkhead for installing the echo sound system. This set can only be installed on un built fresh model submarines. Set also comes with instructions and installation stencil.


$25.00 each set

Set C- Features all of the same parts as set B, but comes with components to make sound heads spring bound.


$30.00 each set

ALL IBS PM Sails and PM Conning Towers will be issued with a disposable limber hole stencil.
Sticker.jpg (160566 bytes)  DSC00180.JPG (146252 bytes)
$9.50 each

Hull Accessory Set PM
Includes all corrective marker buoys for WWII boats and gun platforms.
DSC00223a.JPG (147434 bytes)  DSC00224a.JPG (145393 bytes)
$12.00 each

Hull Accessory Set EB
Similar to above, but comes with EB platforms.
DSC00225a.JPG (140195 bytes)
$12.00 each

Style I: USS Wahoo (Mare Island):
This Mare Island Wahoo tower set comes with the water cooled AA gun, bridge details, hull upgrade set,  anchor,  anchor well, and an exclusive Mare Island Wahoo stencil for converting the kit's limber holes to the Mare Island pattern.  Note: Mare Island towers differ from EB towers in having no flaring shift angles forward and no thinning out aft for the induction room. *Set is issued with Wahoo Degausing cables, 3"50 cal deck gun,crane (shown above)  

   DSC00453.JPG (163715 bytes)  DSC00454.JPG (155974 bytes)  DSC00455.JPG (159083 bytes)  DSC00455a.JPG (162504 bytes)  DSC00455b.JPG (161856 bytes)  DSC00456.JPG (162202 bytes)
DSC00450.JPG (146756 bytes)  DSC00451.JPG (161686 bytes)  DSC00452.JPG (160447 bytes)       
$90.00 each

Style II: USS Wahoo (cut down version)
This set comes with a high angle M2 50 cal. MG,3"50 cal deckgun,loading crane and a Mare Island stencil for the Wahoo.*Set is issued with Degausing cables (shown above)  

DSC00652.JPG (156898 bytes)  DSC00653.JPG (150125 bytes)  DSC00654.JPG (147587 bytes)  DSC00655.JPG (143561 bytes) 
$90.00 each

Style III: EB 1941 "As Built" Gatobr> Set comes with the high angle M2 50 cal. Water Cooled MG, Detailed Cabin Interior, EB Hull Upgrade Set, 2 Anchor Wells, Detailed Anchors, and Instructions.
DSC00355.JPG (160358 bytes)  DSC00356.JPG (155534 bytes)
$70.00 each

Style VI: Gato
USS Grouper: Cut down EB.
This set comes with the same accessories as Style 3.
DSC00357.JPG (138445 bytes)  DSC00359.JPG (143423 bytes)  DSC00365.JPG (150564 bytes)  DSC00366.JPG (155663 bytes)  DSC00392.JPG (159609 bytes)  DSC00393.JPG (156682 bytes)
DSC00394.JPG (150098 bytes)  DSC00395.JPG (135598 bytes)  DSC00396.JPG (143526 bytes)  DSC00397.JPG (139319 bytes)  DSC00398.JPG (149694 bytes)  DSC00391a.JPG (156086 bytes)
$70.00 each

Style V: After Built EB Gato Short cabin/4 Porthole
Set comes with same accessories as in Style 3.
DSC00390.JPG (155197 bytes)  DSC00391.JPG (140815 bytes)  DSC00389.JPG (161770 bytes)

$70.00 each

Style IV: USS Tambor Class
Note: This set requires cutting down the 1/72 hull to subtract the 4 feet dimensional difference.
DSC00361.JPG (163205 bytes)  DSC00362.JPG (160963 bytes)  DSC00409.JPG (150174 bytes)  DSC00410.JPG (154916 bytes)  DSC00404.JPG (153189 bytes)
$70.00 each

1/72nd scale US Submarine 4"/50 cal Deck Gun
Deck gun is intended for any 1/72nd scale WWII US fleet boat.  This is a full resin kit with over 30 parts (unassembled).  Deck gun can be built to transverse and elevate.  Detailed instructions are included. 
Kit is only for very experienced modelers.

For more photos of submarine models packing this 4" see the gallery page.

Mvc-001s.jpg (37782 bytes)  Mvc-002s.jpg (37639 bytes)  Mvc-003s.jpg (35321 bytes)  Mvc-004s.jpg (37961 bytes)  Mvc-007s.jpg (37691 bytes)  Mvc-008s.jpg (36828 bytes)
MVC-001S.JPG (38442 bytes)  MVC-002S.JPG (37885 bytes)  MVC-003S.JPG (37641 bytes)  MVC-004S.JPG (37687 bytes)  MVC-005S.JPG (37840 bytes)
$25.00 each

Resin 5" 25 Cal. Submarine Deck Gun Kit and Bonus Ammo Feeder Kit Shown
DSC00026.JPG (140454 bytes) 
DSC00027.JPG (146483 bytes)  DSC00016.JPG (153506 bytes)  DSC00028.JPG (147767 bytes)  DSC00250.JPG (155819 bytes)  DSC00294.JPG (161860 bytes)
$25.00 each

Government Long Balaos

 All long and short Balao sets will come with masts for particular sets, kit deck adapter plate, and a special accessory pack . Email us  for substitution of the 5" to the 4"

1/72nd Scale Long Balao USS Ling Conversion Set Conning Tower (Government Long Balao Style I)
**Note: Kits are for very experienced modelers**
Email IBS for questions.  Serious inquiries only. **Note: The anti aircraft guns shown are not included with the tower.  The guns shown are the stock RevellŪ Gato kit guns.
DSC00301.JPG (154551 bytes)  DSC00296.JPG (147153 bytes)  DSC00288.JPG (138265 bytes)  DSC00306.JPG (143052 bytes)  DSC00303.JPG (158653 bytes)  DSC00290.JPG (143561 bytes)
 DSC00298.JPG (142079 bytes)  DSC00295.JPG (154896 bytes)  172Balo.jpg (34793 bytes)  tower.jpg (50458 bytes)  DSC00236.JPG (134121 bytes)  DSC00238.JPG (134796 bytes)
DSC00239.JPG (124655 bytes)  DSC00245.JPG (159939 bytes)  DSC00247.JPG (148096 bytes)  DSC00248.JPG (144527 bytes)  DSC00250.JPG (150322 bytes)  DSC00251.JPG (156712 bytes)
DSC00252.JPG (154008 bytes)
  DSC00435.JPG (138140 bytes) DSC00040.JPG (153165 bytes) DSC00041.JPG (157696 bytes) DSC00042.JPG (154013 bytes)
$95.00 Each

NEW: Long Balaos from style 1 - 9 are now offered with a new lower super structure that will not have the rear gun locker inlet as on the Ling type boats.  The new structure is shown in grey below.  Towers will now come with this lower structure unless notified via email during time of ordering.
DSC00226b.JPG (144287 bytes)  DSC00229b.JPG (144083 bytes)

Government Long Balao Style 2
This is similar to the above tower, but this has a different fairwater shield.
DSC00461.JPG (162990 bytes)
$95.00 each

Government Long Balao Style 3
Similar as the one above but with a different mast array setup.
 DSC00462.JPG (161916 bytes)
$95.00 each

Government Long Balao Style 4
Same fairwater as Style 1 but with an earlier array.
DSC00460.JPG (159554 bytes)

The following Balaos below offer the unique "W" weld crimp line on their fairwaters for specific boats.
DSC00251A.JPG (159497 bytes) DSC00252A.JPG (163795 bytes)

Government Long Balao Style 5
DSC00242A.JPG (141702 bytes)
$95.00 each

Government Long Balao Style 6
DSC00243A.JPG (144446 bytes)
$95.00 each

Government Long Balao Style 7
DSC00244A.JPG (141948 bytes)
$95.00 each

Short Balao Towers
These short Balao towers will work with the current RevellŪ Gato Limber Holes for EB and manitowoc yards.  All sets, like the long Balaos above, come with the ammo/gun locker parts to build any desired boats.

Short Balao Tower Style 1

DSC00438.JPG (139999 bytes)  DSC00439.JPG (136404 bytes) 
DSC00436.JPG (154440 bytes)  DSC00437.JPG (149330 bytes)  DSC00441.JPG (139451 bytes)
    $85.00 each

Short Balao Tower Style 2
Same fairwater as style 1, but a different late war mast.

DSC00440.JPG (136352 bytes)  DSC00434.JPG (139125 bytes)
$85.00 each

Short Balao Tower Style 3
Different fairwater and an early war mast.  **Note: USS Baya shown. See more in Gallery**
DSC00455.JPG (158896 bytes)  DSC00456.JPG (162872 bytes)  DSC00457.JPG (133603 bytes) 
DSC00268.JPG (139466 bytes)  DSC00044.JPG (144848 bytes)  DSC00049.JPG (153564 bytes)
DSC00047.JPG (157472 bytes)  DSC00046.JPG (134105 bytes)
$85.00 each

Short Balao Tower Style 4
Different fairwater than style 1 with the late mast.
DSC00458.JPG (133463 bytes)
$85.00 each

NEW: Short Balaos below have the "W" weld crimp line on their fairwaters for specific boats.

Short Balao Style 5
DSC00249A.JPG (144980 bytes)
$85.00 each

Short Balao Style 6
DSC00250A.JPG (142947 bytes)
$85.00 each

Short Balao Style 7
DSC00247A.JPG (140891 bytes)
$85.00 each

Short Balao Style 8
DSC00248A.JPG (148067 bytes)
$85.00 each

USS Pampanito kit
This set comes with the parts and exclusive to the USS Pampanito.
DSC00555.JPG (139528 bytes)
  DSC00556.JPG (148408 bytes)
$95.00 each


Fleet Snorkels
Fleet snorkel range will come with full accessories, such as sonars and arrays.
DSC00570.JPG (149851 bytes)

PM "Super Torsk" Gun Slinger Set
Our latest PM sail is derived from the PM Sails below, however, this kit features a full bridge interior detail.  This set comes with more parts.  Also comes with the 5" Deck Gun and Gun Locker Tube.
$95.00 each

PM "Super Torsk" Late Version
Set comes with the full interior bridge and comes with the late sonar assortment.
$95.00 each

PM Sail USS Torsk (Late Version)
DSC00209.JPG (151947 bytes)

Electric Boat Step Sail Style 1 (Fleet Snorkel Gun Slinger)
For the built up model, see the USS Lizardfish in the Gallery.
DSC00231a.JPG (147254 bytes)  DSC00230a.jpg (202160 bytes)  DSC00226a.JPG (139792 bytes)  DSC00228a.JPG (143652 bytes)  DSC00229.jpg (199183 bytes)  DSC00252.JPG (151435 bytes)  DSC00267.JPG (146680 bytes)

Electric Boat Step Sail Style 2
Comes with the chin sonar and sonar array (no deck gun).

Atlantic High Sail Style 1
DSC00142.JPG (155582 bytes)  DSC00143.JPG (143287 bytes)  DSC00144.JPG (133700 bytes)  DSC00193.JPG (146797 bytes)

Atlantic High Sail Style 2 (TBA)
Atlantic High Sail Style 3 (TBA)
EB Step Sail Style 2 (TBA)

NEW - Guppy II PM Sail USS Remora Class Set
Set comes with chin sonar and sonar assortment packet.
DSC00215.JPG (160282 bytes)  DSC00216.JPG (141213 bytes)

1/72 Scale Pointy Gato Insert Set
Set comes with fairwater side AA platforms, mast deck,& gun lockers "assortment"
DSC00200.JPG (121340 bytes)  DSC00202.JPG (134082 bytes)